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Riccardo Vecchione

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Riccardo Vecchione is an Italian actor known for Strong Artificial Intelligence (2018). He was born in Naples (Italy).

He has been living in Naples, Rome, Milan and in other countries such as Switzerland and Spain, where He acted in the movie Strong Artificial Intelligence.

He developed a passion for acting, foreign languages and communication early on in his life. He speaks Italian, English and Spanish and has been acting in English in the movie Strong Artificial Intelligence.

Formerly he has been working for 15 years in an intercontinental airport as ramp agent (flight dispatcher) where he forged a very strong character and courage suitable for acting in action movies.

Graduated high school from Liceo Scientifico Bianchi in Napoli (Italy). He trained at Milan Malpensa Airport (Italy) as ramp agent (flight dispatcher).

He is the son of Clotilde Corrado and Mario Vecchione. He is of one quarter French descent, with the rest of his ancestry being Italian. His maternal grandmother, Madeleine Fedi, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and had one quarter of a French ancestry, and his maternal grandfather, Carlo Corrado, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil; they moved to Napoli, where Riccardo's mother, Clotilde, was raised. Riccardo's father's family is from Napoli, Italy.

Previous jobs: Ramp agent (flight dispatcher) in Milan Malpensa Airport (Italy), and lately in Gran Canaria Airport (Spain).

He is only child.

He enjoys beach volley, volleyball, swimming and skiing.

He traveled many times to California. He traveled to Cuba and all over Europe. He lives in Switzerland, but he is often in Gran Canaria (Spain).

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